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If you're tired of going from one auto mechanic to another and never actually getting your vehicle properly repaired, Automotive Solutions is the auto repair shop in Salt Lake City for you! With over 18 years of auto repair experience, owner and operator Paul knows that quality work equates to happy, lifelong customers. With the belief that each auto repair is an opportunity to showcase exceptional work as well as help our customers stay safe on the road, Automotive Solutions aims to repair your car in a timely, professional and accurate manner that will change your mind about the car industry forever.

Three major signs your car needs repairs

Don't Ignore These Vital Warnings

When you notice something is wrong with your car, two things happen: you attempt to identify the problem and then finally end up calling a auto mechanic. Outside of your check engine light coming on, below are three signs your vehicle may need to be repaired:

  • 1. Abnormal noise or vibration: While some cars are simply built noisy, you notice when there is a new noise or vibration while you drive. This may indicate you need brake or rotor replacement, or have a more serious transmission or engine problem.
  • 2. Strange smells: If you notice a strange or sweet smell coming from your car, this may indicate a coolant or oil leak. A radiator repair or line replacement may be necessary to avoid further damage.
  • 3. Seeing smoke:The most obvious sign of damage is seeing smoke. If you notice smoke coming out from under your hood or a colored smoke coming from the tailpipe, you should immediately call a mechanic as this may indicate serious engine or exhaust system damage.

If you notice any of these signs, call Automotive Solutions - for a mechanic you can trust to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle, and get you back on the road!

Accurate Diagnostics To Get You Back on the Roads Of Salt Lake City, UT

Quality auto repair services in Salt Lake City, UT

We take great pride in providing only the best quality products and repairs backed by our genuine promise to always make good on our word. Because of this, mixed with years of experience and certifications, Automotive Solutions offers a wide-range of auto repair services including oil changes, brake and rotor replacement, suspension work, radiator repair and replacement, spark plug replacement, transmission repair and even full engine replacement. Additionally, all of our services begin with diagnostic testing to pinpoint the real problem which allows us to remove guesswork and other variables so the job gets done right the first time and ultimately saves you money.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

From Yelp.com - "The guys at Automotive Solutions are great. They do quality work and are honest with you. I love that when performing a repair or maintenance checking a car, they will bring you into the garage so you can see the problem underneath the car yourself. I've brought an older Camry in here a number of times, and a Lexus as well. I think the key things they have going for them here that distinguish them from other repair shops are honesty and price."

Dave K.

From YellowPages - "I have been using them for my business vehicles and my personal vehicles for almost three years now and have never had a second thought about the decision. They are conveniently located near my business and have been a great find for us. They are quick and accurate in their work. They charge a very fair price for the work and they have always made me feel valuable as a customer. Not once have I ever questioned what they did or how much they charged me. Very, Very Honest automotive shop! They also know their automotive stuff!"

Howie N.