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Taking The Guesswork Out Of Auto Repair | Salt Lake City, UT

For years, repairing a car consisted of two actions: problem diagnosis and the actual physical repair. Mechanics used to spend hours-or three-trying to find the problem in a particular vehicle often racking up costs for the customer.

With today's diagnostic test technology, Automotive Solutions takes the guesswork out of auto repair. While not a magical potion that will work every single time, diagnostic testing completed by a trained and experienced mechanic can significantly cut down on the trial and error method of repairs. This prevents you from paying extra for unnecessary parts or repair services.

Electrical repair services

Electrical repair services

Stay Wired-The Right Way!

Often times, cars experience issues based solely on the fact that the electrical transmissions aren't traveling properly from the ECU, a car's main computer system, to other parts. This could be due to improper wiring or simply old wiring that needs replacement or repair.

At Automotive Solutions, we are trained to spot wiring dysfunction and repair it in a timely, correct manner. We take pride in doing work the right way, the first time!